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“My husband’s funeral was on June 6, 2022, which is really a fantastic historic date for all of us who lived through it. So the date really spoke to me. At that time in history we all loved this country, respected it, and we were all extremely patriotic. We then raised our boys with these beliefs also. With these beliefs I have to say I still tear up when there’s a parade, when the flag is shown – I believe in this country. We had military honors at the service and when the officer knelt in front of me, spoke to me as an individual, and presented me with a flag – I teared up! Oh! How that memory impressed me! Heritage Funeral Home has been beyond phenomonal in how they handled our service! They cared! And they treated us as family! They notified us of time when we were due in for the service, walked me down the aisle to my seat, and just treated us “special” during the whole service! This is not something one does every day and you wonder: when do I sit? When do I enter the chapel? How do we get to the cemetery?I can’t do that! ThenGregg comes over and says, “It’s 2 p.m., time for the service” and he walked us to our seats. Likewise at the end of the service he told us exactly where to go and what to do – and we went over to the cemetery. The cemetery is beautiful – and brings you peace! I am so glad we are here forever! Oh,my goodness! Our funeral was W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L and our relative now resides in peace and faith and love forever – with God by his side It couldn’t have worked any better! We are so grateful to Heritage Funeral Home for completing this service for us and leaving us all peaceful – with closure – thanks be to God! Thanks to Heritage – you do a fantastic job helping us understand that life is over – but our faith and peace remain with us.”

Ruth Earhart June 09, 2022

“Dear Karen: I want to thank you again for your kindness and compassion with me in arranging my mother's service. It was lovely and very personal for all of us. Your attention to detail is amazing and all of your suggestions were thoughtful and "spot on." The flowers were beautiful! Mother would have been so pleased. Karen, you made things seem effortless and yet I know you worked very hard to put everything together so beautifully. I appreciate that very much. Mother lived a long and happy life. She left us with many memories to cherish. Thank you for taking care of her final wishes. Fondly, Dianne Jacks”

Dianne Jacks February 09, 2022

“Dear Karen, Thank you for all your help and support during this heartbreaking time. Your calm and caring guidance kept me focused so I could make the difficult decisions for Mike's cremation, funeral and interment. The memorial service in the chapel and the graveside service were both beautiful, calming and dignified, I believe, my son's wishes were fulfilled which has given me a measure of peace. I am truly grateful for all your help and guidance and for caring so deeply. Thank you, Raven”

Raven Megna July 21, 2021

“Dear Matthew: My sister and I would like to thank you for all of your assistance and advice for the funeral and shipping of remains for our mother, Arlene Dudley. Your sense of calm was so comforting during our most difficult time and your advice for transportation in California helped us save thousands of dollars reducing our stress.”

Sheri Barre and Laurel York June 23, 2021

“Karen, It's rare that I have a truly exceptional Service Experience. As a 35 year service professional, its not that my expectations are too high, but more along the lines of poor service that companies offer. YOU ARE "EXCEPTIONAL" AND FAR EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!!!! Thank you so much.”

Bobby Arnold June 29, 2020

“Dear Karen: We are just so grateful for the orderly, smooth proceedings that you all provided. So many of those who were there for the funeral and other related activities that day have enthusiastically commented on the excellent way in which everything was done. You personally are to be commended for your excellence in handling everything for us. How could we have asked for more? As much as we hate to lose John, we all agreed that he would have been very pleased with the way his funeral and other related activities were handled. He would have loved the comments made by individuals, both family and friends. (John and I are both from very big families but most of the family members live far away so that attending the funeral was not an option. We are deeply grateful that other people we knew came to the activities at Heritage). Please know that I cannot thank you enough or begin to show gratitude for what you have done for our family. How I wish that you could hear the many complements that our family has heard about the service that Heritage provided. Gratefully yours, Tanya Nix”

Tanya Upchurch Nix November 08, 2019

“Dear Robin: Thank you and your staff for making this transition so easy for us. Your caring and kind service to us goes beyond praise. Your hard work and special attention to our needs was so much more than we ever expected. What you did with the Social Security people on my behalf, has made the paper work on my part, unnecessary. Again, I cannot begin to express our gratitude for all you have done for us. All things have come to fruition and I can go ahead and try to make life normal again. Please know we are so grateful for all you did. Very truly yours, Susie and Christy Williams”

Susie and Christy Williams August 01, 2019

“Dear Greg, Tommy and Jake, Ken and I wish to express our deep appreciation for the help and dedication all of you showed to us and our guests for the Celebration of Life Memorial Service for our daughter on the 8th of June. Paige was a gracious and loving person. She would have liked each of you. And, Greg - you went above and beyond your service just keeping up with my purse and making sure I was where I was supposed to be -- when I was supposed to be! Thank you all for your kindness shown to our family. Judy and Ken Riley”

Judy and Ken Riley July 01, 2019

“Karen, We wish to thank you for your support and thoughtfulness during this difficult time. Losing our dear son and brother Alex was such a sudden and devastating experience. We always will be so very grateful for the incredible kindness and generosity extended to us by friends and family members. Very truly yours, The Family of Alexander Conley”

Alexander Conley Family May 21, 2019

“Robert: Thank you for everything you did. You treated us with compassion, grace and respect. You made a difficult time easier to handle. You and everyone at Heritage were so kind and thoughtful through it all. You are extremely good at your job and a wonderful person. Much appreciated. Cheryl Richardson daughter of Betty Ann Smith”

Cheryl Richardson May 08, 2019

“Using Heritage for Rachel's arrangements took a lot of weight off our family and helped to reduce the stress.”

Rachel Laney April 02, 2019

“Ezra was very accommodating and made the entire process easier than expected.”

Donald Carreras April 02, 2019

“Karen, I just wanted to thank you for the way you handled my husband with such grace and dignity on such a quick timeframe. You always had the right words. You made me feel like a friend instead of a client from the first time I met you. You said it right, this is like a ministry to you. I know I found the right place when I found Heritage. The Bahai cemetery section is just the right area for my husband and I and I am looking forward to coming to the Easter Sunrise service.”

Beverly Pearson April 02, 2019

“Hi Robert, I hope that you are doing well. You have been on my mind so, I thought that I would reach out to you. Thank you for all you did to take care of my family and me as we laid my mom to rest. There are still days that I cannot believe that she went home to be with Jesus. February/March is about the time Mom began not feeling well. I have been thinking about what she would say to you, and well I think she would softly say, Robert Murphy, "thank you for taking caring of my family so well." My mother truly loved "well" and I am grateful that you helped us transition her home in a way that was so reflective of her. My prayer for you is that you have continued strength to care for families during this season. I pray that you never forget that you have a gift of making people feel as if they are the only one experiencing " Loss." May God continue to bless you immensely with peace, comfort, and strength. If you have not yet found a speaker for your All Saints Day Gathering, I would love to give back just a little of what you all gave to me. Blessings, Allycia”

Allycia Brown February 05, 2019

“Dear Mr. High: Just a short note to let you know how very pleased we were with working with Karen. Her kindness and professionalism and caring could not be more heartfelt. Sincerely, Andrew and Dunyia Stefanick”

Andrew and Dunyia Stefanick January 29, 2019

“Hi Robert and Pastor Baucom, I wanted to let both of you and the rest of the staff at Heritage know how much my family and I appreciated the caring and professional service we received this past weekend (January 19, 2019) (Harris High, Karen Reardon, Jason Burgess, Frank LaForgia) for my father’s funeral service held at your Weddington location. The facility was beautiful and the warmth of all the staff was evident throughout our time there. Your use of technology with the monitors for viewing photographs and the downloading of music for the service was extremely helpful. What made this occasion different to me (from other funeral services) was that it was classy and reverent, yet relaxed and not stuffy. The death of a family member is such a sad and difficult time so having an organization like Heritage provide such a calming organization to the entire event is very important and we are all grateful for that. In addition, Pastor Baucom, we are thankful for your insightful messages of hope and also appreciate your sharing your piano talents. Prior to the service, both of you were so kind to answer my many questions and ensured we had a beautiful service so thanks so much for your patience during the planning phase. I don’t believe I met you, Robert, in person this week (I apologize if I did and don’t remember!), but everyone else I interacted with at Heritage this past weekend was wonderful so please share my email with all the staff there and let them know that all of you together helped our family celebrate a wonderful memory of our father. Sincerely, Debbie Peek (daughter of Gary Lee Mills)”

Debbie Peek January 25, 2019

“Karen: On behalf of our family we sincerely want to thank you once again for the expedient organization that you and Heritage Funeral Services provided surrounding our father, during his arrangements. You made what seemed to be a daunting situation into a seamless one. We are fortunate that you came into our lives at the time in which you did. Thank you again. The Perkins Family.”

The Perkins Family January 23, 2019

“Robert: Our family thanks you very much for your kind and excellent support through my mother's service. Everyone was very impressed with your team, facilities, cemetery and your attention to detail. The services were perfect thanks to you. You helped make a potentially terrible ordeal into as warm and gentle celebration as possible. You are amazing! My mom would be very pleased. Ches Gwinn (Son)”

Ches Gwinn December 17, 2018

“Jasmine was a Godsend to me, she walked me through every thing. Thank you so much.”

Sherri Howard October 23, 2018

“Jasmine did a supurb job in handling any question/concern I had and went beyond to provide for those things I had not thought to ask. She exudes compassion and competency on every level making a very difficult time bearable. Thank you.”

Susan Sumile August 13, 2018

“Dear Robert: Throughout this past year I have always held you in prayer for all you did for me with my sisters arrangements....never imagined how soon again you would be my Angel at such a sad time in my life. Thank you for being such a comfort in these times of sorrow - and especially at the loss of my dear Jim. God Bless you! Love and Prayers Jo”

Jo Fulginiti

“Dear Robert: Kathy and I can't thank you enough for the quality of care and service that you and your staff provided for our mom, Florence Hlava's visitation and service. You anticipated every detail and took care of everything we brought to your attention immediately. The photos you arranged to music on the CD's were so beautifully done - everyone commented on it. We appreciate your kindness. Everything was perfect for our mom and we will never forget it. Susan Isley Kathy Misiek”

Kathy Misiek

“Dear Karen: Almost 9 years ago my amazing son, Drew completed suicide. I had no idea what funeral home to call but went to the Yellow Pages and called Forest Lawn. It was 9 p.m. and I spoke to a kind reassuring and helpful lady Robin. She told me someone would call me in the morning. She called the hospital to see if I had to go to Union Regional to ID his body. Fortunately I didn't have to. The next voice I heard was yours. Your voice was very kind and calming. I was numb and had no clue what to do but you guided me through an incredibly tough time with your amazing ability to make it possible to make decisions. Ones that I never thought I would ever have to make. Parents are not suppose to out live their children. Sometime in late 1989 or early 1990 I spoke to a gentleman - don't remember how it all happened but I purchased 2 cemetery plots. Never ever did I think it would be my son to be buried first. I remember walking through the funeral home carrying my son Jackson and holding Drew's hand. He saw the chapel and Drew asking me what happened in there. Fortunately, I told him that is where people come to celebrate some ones life. He didn't ask anything else. Thank goodness. You made a lot of things happen seemlessly. You went above and beyond to make burying my son as painless as possible. From making sure the weather was perfect, the flowers and trees were in full bloom, your calming reassuring voice and presence made a difficult day easier for celebration thru tears. I know you left the tent over Drew's grave for a longer period of time to allow his beautiful blanked of flowers to last for a long time. Thank you. You also made sure Drew's headstone was in place as soon as possible. I believe Robert made a special trip to pick it up so it would be in place. You also made the bench and the monument get completed and in place in no time. I know we called you frequently but you were always so kind and helpful. Answering the same questions over and over. I will never ever be able to thank you for Drew's quit you made from his clothing. It is my most prized possession. You did that for someone you never met and a family you had known for a brief period of time. I think of all of you often and every time I hear of someone that needs a fabulous group of people I recommend Heritage. I enjoy the Easter Sunrise services. You all make every Easter Morning a new beginning for all of us who have lost loved ones. You and Robert have helped me in so many other ways --- the disinterment of my mother from another cemetery, the cremation and handling other family members as well. I could never ever thank you all enough.”

Betsy Lever April 10, 2018

“To Robert: A mere traditional thank you card, no matter how well versed, could not begin to express how eternally grateful and thankful I am for all of your assistance, and I am convinced that you were hand-chosen to serve me in my time of need. Your very genuine authentic caring, kindness and compassion rendered premium service far beyond dollars and cents. I will forever be thankful for your shining light, and your very special kindred spirit. Thank GOD for you and the entire Heritage and GOD bless you and yours. Sincerely, Faye Robinson”

Faye Robinson October 08, 2015

“The past month has been one of sadness and shock for our families as we try to deal with the passing of our dear and sweet Beth. Through this trauma we were grateful for the excellent service and compassion shown to us by your staff. In particular we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for Karen Reardon. Her understanding of our grief and needs was an incredible support to us. She provided us with gentle and realistic guidance as we made all the choices that needed to be made. Her insight and skill were so helpful. Most of all her genuine caring and support provided us solace and trust. she shared much more with us than excellent service and professional advice. She listened to our thoughts, gave suggestions and most of all made us feel like she respected and knew our Beth. We will always be grateful. She is a blessing and represents Heritage well!”

The Edes and Pellin Families July 23, 2015

“Karen: Laura and I wanted to thank you for the heartwarming care you took with us this afternoon. We've been through a lot of situations in our lives, but losing my mother has been one of the hardest. Today, Karen, you helped to soften this difficult time. Your professional caring attitude took us by the hand and said it was going to be ok....and it was. I'm sure we will look back, at some point, and say Karen Reardon helped us to say goodbye to mom with respect, dignity and lots of love. HUGS, Colleen Vandermark and Laura Messina”

Colleen Vandermark and Laura Messina December 16, 2014

“It took a lot of looking around to find that special place for my Momma to be laid to rest. We looked and there were nice places but it wasn't until I walked into Heritage that "IT" hit me. This was it, this was the place. Planning a service for your Momma at 31 years old is probably the hardest thing I could ever imagine doing. My Momma was my whole entire world. My heart. I didn't know how I would even begin. From the moment I walked in the door and met Karen I just felt this presence of love. I didn't for one second feel it was a business trying to run, it felt like a family, taking my family into their home and helping every step of the way. I wanted perfection for my Momma's service, because it was the last gift that I could give to my perfect Momma. Everyone was so amazing. People who I didn't even deal with on a regular basis through the process. I can remember their compassion. I remember coming in the afternoon of the service and Robert just walked up and hugged me. It was exactly what I needed at that moment. Just someone to make me feel that everything was alright. I remember Shawn being there and being so very kind and helpful. I know there were many more people who were there helping every step of the way and I wish that I could remember everyone who was there helping. But to everyone involved from beginning to end I just want to give my most heartfelt thank you. Each and everyone of you have made the last gift I could give to my Momma something beautiful and amazing. You have no idea what that has meant to me. You are all special people beyond words that I can express. And thank you for taking my family and me into your home and giving my Momma this one last precious gift.”

Eric Strube October 20, 2014

“Robin, seeing you again reminded me of the compassion and comfort you offered me during the process of making arrangements and the actual day of the funeral. I didn't take the time to thank you for all you did for me and my sister's memory back in September when she passed away. I would not have been able to handle it without you. I have never had to do anything like that before and I am so glad you were there to help me through it. The service was beautiful and I know was everything my sister wanted. Thank you so much for being there for me. You are definitely a huge asset to Heritage Funeral Home! Sincerely, Betty”

Betty May 01, 2014

“2013: Dear Robin, I would like to thank you for all of your hard work as the Team Captain for Heritage Funeral Home team. It has been a pleasure to work with you this year and I would like to personally invite you to return to our Relay for Life of Union County event in 2014. Thank you! Kim (American Cancer Society)”

Kim (American Cancer Society) May 02, 2013

“Mr. High, I recently lost my father and had no idea where or whom to go to. Your company came highly recommended. I wanted to let you know that Shawn Woody and the team at the Matthews facility were remarkable. Shawn went out of his way to help me and my family have the most wonderful celebration of my fathers life that we could ever imagine, including arranging the Marine Honor Guard for my dad which was so wonderful and moving. Shawn was truly hands on, handled every detail and made a very hard time for all of us a little bit easier to handle. My highest compliments to Shawn and the others who worked with us. Thank you for your time. Dawn C”

Dawn C March 13, 2014

“Karen, Thanks for being the kind of person who makes such a big difference. I wanted to thank you for all your help, compassion and guidance you provided to my mom and my family during our recent loss of our father/husband, William Klimczak. It made this difficult time much easier. I can't sing your praises enough. Thanks again! Cindy Hamilton”

Cindy Hamilton March 11, 2013

“Greg Leonard was so professional and helpful with arrangements for our father's interment service. The follow up with making sure everything was in place is so helpful at an emotional and stressful time.”

Laura Freeman May 02, 2022

“Subject: Ron Cardoza's Funeral Message: I am Ron Cardoza's daughter and we buried him at this funeral home last Friday. I rarely write reviews on anything but I have to say that this funeral home, specifically Karen Reardon who helped us with the arrangements is by far the most wonderful, caring, professional and beautiful funeral home facility in Charlotte, NC. To say my entire family was impressed with the services we received is an understatement of the truth. From the very beginning to the end Karen guided us through the entire burial process as though she were a member of our family. Not only is the funeral parlor gorgeous but he burial grounds are the most beautiful in the Charlotte area. No one wants to think of their death but if you want to save your family even more grief when you pass, you must contact this facility and plan ahead. Thank you to all at Heritage and specifically to Karen for making an otherwise intolerable day so beautiful...My father had a beautiful burial and we have you to thank for it. Sincerely, Caryn Cusick”

Caryn Cusick February 08, 2022

“Karen: We wanted to thank you for your compassion and guidance during this difficult time at the passing of our mom, Connie Moore. We so appreciated your counsel and the answering of many questions. We do believe mom's wishes were met and she would've been happy with the service. Thank you so much.”

Dawn Curtis, Chris Moore, Ken Moore July 21, 2021

“My dad passed away and we used Heritage for their services. Abi was the best. She cared and listened and helped us with everything. We are so glad that we used Heritage. Abi Thank you for helping us and caring so much with our dad. We are truly grateful. The Harper Family”

Melanie Sprague April 06, 2021

“Karen, Seems I rarely see you, but I want to thank you as much as possible for your service. You are as attentive as a drill sergeant, yet gentle as an angel, doubtless no other funeral director could be in your class for making a somber occasion go so smoothly and graceful. Thanks, Tom Lever”

Tom Lever December 13, 2019

“Dear Matthew: Thank you and your team for a lovely service for our dad, John Higgins. Your professional, dignified lovely service made this time bearable and brought peace to our family.”

Susan Schlie October 02, 2019

“Robin was wonderful to work with. She was very caring and extremely competent. I would use Heritage again if necessary.”

Don Harrington July 08, 2019

“Dear Karen: Thank you for assisting our family with the arrangements for the service of Paige Kilbourne -- I knew the first day we met you and I were going to be a perfect fit. And the slide show was wonderful --- We sincerely appreciate all that you did for our family. Sincerely, Judy and Ken Riley”

Judy and Ken Riiley July 01, 2019

“Karen, Thank you so much for all your help during a hard time for our family. You did an amazing job. Thanks! Carol Milne & George”

Carol Jernigan May 15, 2019

“Words cannot begin to express all my thankfulness to you for all you did for us for Matt's funeral. It was such a hard time for us and you were so kind and thoughtful. You are the ultimate professional, but still very caring to help us go through the hardest times of our lives. Losing our son is so very hard. He was a wonderful son to both of us. It is hard to believe he is not with us. I wish you would have known him. He was a very special person who touched so many in many ways. His friends have been so helpful for us at this time. God sent him o us and now has taken him away. Thank you for all you to. Fondly, Kathy and Richard Lester.”

Kathy and Richard Lester May 03, 2019

“I have lived in Indian Trail for 40 years and was here when it was built. It is a beautiful place and would not consider using another place. The staff was very nice and friendly, thanks to all that were involved, Margaret Pressley”

Clegg Pressley April 02, 2019

“Everyone went over and beyond our expectations. A very last minute request was granted that made the service very special to our family.”

Stilwell Family April 02, 2019

“We found Heritage years ago, 2000, through the Funeral Consumer Alliance of the Central Carolinas. I was very pleased with the way everything was handled by Ezra and the staff at Heritage F.H. They went above and beyond for me. Thank you. Miller Winecoff.”

Stephen O'Shields April 02, 2019

“Karen, Thank you, so much, for the compassionate way you took care of our family in difficult times! We pray for God's blessing on you as you serve other families dealing with the loss of loved ones! In Him! Johnny”

John S.E. Whiteside January 31, 2019

“Thank you for the beautiful service for Robert Bodman. The Herlong family appreciates your kind and thoughtful attention to every detail.”

Bodman Family January 29, 2019

“Karen, I don't think any of us truly expressed to you how grateful we were for you and your services a year ago and most recently with our mother's death. You made everything run seamlessly and took care that nothing burdened us. You are definitely gifted in the area of helping bereaved families. Your care, concern and guidance was so greatly appreciated and recognized by us. A huge thank you from all of us. The Whiteside Family”

The Whiteside Family January 24, 2019

“Dear Karen and Staff: On behalf of the Frances Phillips family, I want to thank you all for your kind and sensitive handling of the funeral arrangements here in Charlotte and for coordinating with Wilson Funeral Home. Your efforts made the entire process a little easier to bear. May you be blessed this season and always. Kindest Regards, Greg & Carolyn Phillips”

Greg and Carolyn Phillips December 17, 2018

“Dear Karen: Please accept this small token of our thanks for making our daughter's wake and funeral a day of celebration of her life. We so appreciate your thoughtfulness throughout from the time we came to start the arrangements until she was laid to rest. I don't know how we would have done it without you "making straight the path" and smoothing each little bump in the road. We will be eternally grateful of having met you and everything you did. Karen and Brad”

Brad and karen Horvath December 14, 2018

“Dear Robin: Just wanted to thank you and your team for your professionalism and support during this very difficult time. You and your team have made an emotional and challenging process smooth and efficient - and we appreciate that.”

Martha and Tara Fabiano October 02, 2018

“Dear Robert: Thank you so very much for directing Mama and Daddy's funeral. I can't imagine any one else that would have done the perfect job that you did. Thank you Robert for guiding me through this very difficult time with grace and love. Heritage must be very proud of you, I know that I am. Sincerely, Ann Flouhouse”

Ann Flouhouse

“As a family, we would like to thank you for the wonderful care and compassion you showed us during a very difficult time. Everyone was very professional and extremely respectful. Pops had a lovely "send off". With Respect, The family of Anthony Tivoli”

Anthony Tivoli

“Dear Mr. High: Our family experience with Heritage was all we had hoped for and more. Robin McGrath went above and beyond in helping to plan my aunts final trip from NC to NY. Candace was most efficient when it was necessary for me to stop in at the Lancaster office. Evidently, there are still businesses that believe customers deserve dedicated service at a fair price. The kindness you showed in handling the funeral arrangements for our beloved Aunt (Donna H. Fiscella) made what was a very sad time bearable. Thank you, Stephanie Fiscella Cavano”

Stephanie Fiscella Cavano April 17, 2018

“I wanted to pass along my sincerest thank you and appreciation for making the most difficult day of my life easier. You were able to lift my spirits in honoring my amazing son, Andrew, and I did not think it would be possible. I have heard from so many that attended the beautiful service just how lovely everything was. But beyond that, it was the care and love of how Karen Reardon treated us, how effortless she made it for us and the genuine love and support from her. While my family and I are still trying to start the long road of piecing our lives together, Karen and Heritage started us off in a positive and loving direction. Thank you from me, my family and Andrew.”

Jorge Cruz September 01, 2017

“Dear Mr. High: The family of Charles L. Register wants to thank you for your kindness and professional help with his funeral. Karen Reardon was a great help and comfort to our family. Her professional knowledge was greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff. Everyone worked to make this transition run smoothly and with dignity. The gentlemen who picked up Charlie (in our home) were so kind and professional. They took him out with dignity. Thank you for your entire staff's caring and gracious spirit and again, thank you for everything. Sincerely, The Register Family”

The Charles Register Family September 08, 2015

“"Karen was my first contact when my father passed in Jan 2014. My sister reached out to the cemetery to inquire about procedures and details in the couple of months prior to his passing. Karen was not only helpful, she was very professional and attentive to our family's needs at the time, but after dad's passing, when my siblings and I decided to pre-plan our own personal arrangements, Karen has continued to be the "go to" person for our entire family. She's shown compassion in dealing with the family, detailed, knowledgeable and attentive to questions. She has helped immensely in making the pre-planning details easy to manuever and I feel very comfortable in offering a recommendation for Karen."”

Linda Hale February 02, 2015

“Harris, Robert and Shawn: We are overwhelmed and grateful to you for making the passing and funeral for my mother so much easier. You each have God given talents and use them well. Sincerely, Nora Turk”

Nora Turk November 14, 2014

“Dear Karen: Just wanted to thank you and to tell you how we appreciated your help. Your selections for the pastor (Chris Baucom) just great! Everyone was impressed with the food. Mellorinas Catering did a great job. You are wonderful person! I hope you are around when I die to help my children. Please give my thanks to all who helped.”

Rachel Yancey May 01, 2014

“Dear Heritage Funeral Staff, what can I say except you are so perfect. You made me feel at home, at ease and you took care of us. We appreciate you so much. You made my sister so proud and went beyond the call of duty. We love all of you! Thanks! Sarah”

Sarah May 05, 2014


C Winchester March 14, 2014

“5/7/2013 Karen and Robert at the Weddington/Matthews Location took care of my Father's funeral. This funeral had great complexity due to coordinating with the national cemetery service in Fort Jackson, SC, and a very large and busy church in the Matthews area. I can say candidly that the team at Heritage Weddington take thier jobs VERY seriously, and went to great lengths to secure the proper military honors ceremony for my father at Fort Jackson. We had a series of issues with the National Cemetery Service, none of which were the fault of Heritage, yet the team at Heritage stepped in, and "owned the problem" just like you want any service provider to do (yet they rarely do), exhibiting true grace under pressure to mop up the mess that others created. They spent DAYS making phone calls on our behalf to countless organizations and individuals to get things orginally organized, then when the system broke, fixed, and reorganized. The people at Heritage have a friend in me, and I can't convey my gratitude enough for how tirelessly they worked to make sure the funeral and burial and other arrangements were perfect. They are compassionate, empathetic, meticulous, punctual, and accountable, exactly what you need when you knocked down and on your knees, and in my case, thousands of miles from the deceased. I highly recommend Karen and the team at Heritage to anyone in need of a turnkey solution in their time of greatest need”

Matt Raubacher May 07, 2013

“My wife - Margaret "Peggy" Petruso - was admitted to the hospital on May 5. The following week, we learned that she had cancer. She passed away on the evening of May 16 at Levine & Dickson Hospice House at Southminister. Her funeral arrangements were handled by Heritage in Matthews and she now rests at peace in the columbarium in the Garden of St. Matthew at Forest Lawn East. I am writing on behalf of Peggy, our children Jon and Ann, our family, and myself to commend and thank your staff for the excellent care they provided Peggy and our family in handling her funeral arrangements. Karen Reardon initially helped make the arrangements, and Robert Murphy made additional arrangements, met us at Levine & Dickson Hospice House at Southminster, and directed the interment in the columbarium. We are very grateful for their professionalism, guidance, and compassion. We are especially grateful to Mr. Murphy for being so patient and accommodating in responding to our particular needs and many questions. We are also very pleased with the location of the columbarium and the peaceful, park-like setting of the cemetery. We know that Peggy rests comfortably. Thank you for the compassionate service you and your staff provide. Sincerely, Santo "SandY' J. Petruso and the Petruso Family.”

Santo "Sandy" J. Petruso and the Petruso Family June 01, 2013

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