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Funeral Home & Cremations Indian Land, NC

Cremation and Funeral Home Services for Families in Indian Land, NC

Nobody wants to face the decision of choosing a funeral home or cremation services for a family member. But, eventually, the time will come when you lose someone that you love. If you are looking for funeral services in Indian Land, NC, then we invite you to call our experienced team at Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services.

We strive to offer more than basic funeral services. Our team wants to be sure that you have the flexibility to plan a day that matches the preferences of your loved one. Whether you are designing a traditional funeral or you feel like cremation is the right solution, we are here to support your needs.

These services are available before the funeral, in the form of pre-planning if desired. We also provide the staff and support that is required on the day of the event. If you have questions after the funeral, you are welcome to contact us anytime. Finally, you can rest assured to know that we are handling all of the details behind the scenes, such as the paperwork and planning for the big day.

A Day of Healing for Your Family

You only have one opportunity to plan a funeral for a family member. Not only do you need to showcase the person’s achievements and personality, but you also need to offer an opportunity for people to share memories. This event is an important part of the grieving process. Grief counselors always encourage families to hold a memorial or funeral because of the healing benefits that are available.

Even if you don’t want to have a traditional funeral, you should look at options to hold an informal event if desired. For example, a Celebration of Life might be the right solution. The event can be planned away from the funeral home, in a location of your choice. You choose the activities, food, and details for the day. We will do the work behind the scenes to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

A memorial or Celebration of Life can be as simple as a gathering of close family and friends in the backyard. Or, you might choose a destination to meet so that the ashes can be scattered when the family is present. There isn’t a right solution when you are planning a funeral. The important factor is to ensure that you match the requests of the deceased.

On-site Cremation in Indian Land, NC

One unique feature that Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services offers is an on-site crematory. We want to oversee the care of your family member at every step of the service. So, our team offers on-site cremations. 

Since we have a crematory on our property, we are happy to accommodate requests that are made by the family. There are specific laws that need to be followed for the cremation. But, you have options to choose the clothing or small items that are cremated with the person.

After the cremation, the ashes will be delivered in an urn of your choice. Or, we can use a temporary storage container if you are still choosing the perfect memorial piece. Ashes can be memorialized in a permanent location, such as a family burial plot with a headstone. Or, you can keep the ashes in an urn that is put in the home. Another option is to scatter the ashes to return your loved one to the beautiful earth.

Cremation Options for Family Pets

Ask anyone with a pet, and they will agree: furry friends are important members of the family. If you need to say goodbye to a dog, cat, or bird, we are here to assist. These pets stayed by your side for a long time, so they deserve a respectful goodbye.

Cremation can offer closure and healing if you need to say goodbye to a family pet. We offer several cremation options, to cater the services to match your requests.

Pre-planning in Indian Land, NC

Pre-planning might be one of the best gifts that you can leave after you are gone. Talk to our team about pre-planning to choose the details for your funeral in the future. This process gives you the time to select the important aspects of the day. Plus, you can ensure that your wishes are respected after you are gone.

When your funeral is pre-planned, your family doesn’t need to face the guesswork of planning a day that you would have enjoyed. Instead, they can rest easy to know that your funeral is designed to match your preferences.

At Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services, we offer cremation and funeral home services for residents in Indian Land, NC and the nearby areas.

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