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Funeral Home & Cremations Indian Trail, NC

Full-Service Funeral Home and Cremations in Indian Trail, NC

Where should you turn when it is time to plan a funeral for someone that you love? If you live in Indian Trail, NC, then our team here at Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services is available to assist. We offer more than basic funeral services. Our goal is to provide the custom solutions that are needed to support your desires.

Every funeral should be as unique as the person you are remembering. Instead of settling for a cookie-cutter funeral service, we invite you to customize the plan in the way that suits the desires of your family. We offer three convenient funeral home locations. Additionally, we are happy to provide personalized cremations and full-service options.

Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services has been serving the industry for over 20 years, giving us the experience and understanding to provide the best solutions. We truly care about our customers. Instead of offering basic funeral home services, we work hard to support the community during this time of grief.

Why You Need a Trusted Funeral Home

Planning a funeral is something that most people don’t expect. But, most people face the need to design a funeral for someone that they love at some point. You only get one chance to create a memorable day, which is why you need to lean on the expertise of an experienced funeral home.

Instead of assuming that you want the same, cookie-cutter solutions that most people choose for funeral planning, we will listen to your requests. These conversations are designed for us to understand your needs. Then, the funeral can be planned to match the desires of your family.

We can support a traditional service in our funeral home. Or, you can choose to hold the service in a church or location of your choice. Additionally, we provide many other services, such as cremations, pet cremations, Veterans memorials, Celebrations of Life, and more.

Cremations as Unique as Your Loved One

Choosing cremation means that you have planned the details for the physical remains. But, a cremation doesn’t mean that you need to skip the other elements of designing a funeral. For example, many families want to have a traditional burial and church funeral service, and then bury the cremated ashes in the family burial plot.

We have a crematory on our property. This unique service is important because it means that we can keep your loved one under out supervision every step of the way. Many funeral homes can’t offer on-site cremation, which means the body needs to be sent to another company for the services to be completed.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of cremation, then our team is always here to answer your questions. Feel free to call us if you need to schedule an immediate cremation or if you are looking at options for pre-planning.

Caring for the Furry Family Members

Losing a pet is like losing a family member. Pets stay in the home for many years, making it hard to say goodbye when the animal passes away. In many cases, it seems appropriate to plan a small memorial or service for your furry friend.

If you want to create a memorial for your pet, then you should consider the option of cremation. We provide a pet crematory, and then the ashes can be returned to your family in as little as 24 hours.

After a pet is cremated, you might choose to keep a small urn with the ashes. Or, these ashes can be scattered in any location of your choice. Families often find it fitting to scatter the ashes on the pet’s favorite walking trail, or at another destination that is special to the family. 

Why Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services is Unique

What makes our company stand out from the other funeral homes in the area? Not only are we working hard to provide the best services for your family, but we offer unique options to customize the day. For example, you can choose to have a Celebration of Life instead of a funeral, with the person’s favorite foods and activities at the event. Or, we can provide support for a funeral if your family has traditions that should be carried on through the generations.

You have the freedom to design a day that will help your family and friends say goodbye. This event is an opportunity to find closure and healing in the grief. At Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services, we are here to support families in Indian Trails, NC who need funerals or cremations.

Come to one of our three convenient locations

  • Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services: 3700 Forest Lawn Dr., Matthews, NC 28104, Phone (704) 846-3771
  • Indian Trail Chapel: 16151 Lancaster Hwy, Charlotte, NC 28277, Phone (704) 714-1540
  • Weddington/Matthews Chapel: 4431 Old Monroe Rd., Indian Trail, NC 28079, Phone (704) 821-2960

Funeral and Cremation FAQs

  • Reasons To Move Forward With Cremation Services
    • Your Loved One Was Concerned With The Environment
    • Your Loved One Didn’t Leave Much Behind
    • Your Loved One Was At Peace With Cremation
    • Read more
  • Is Cremation Better Because It’s More Popular?
    • Some people choose cremation because of its price point and that’s a valid thing to consider. Cremation is definitely going to be the cheaper option over a traditional burial simply because you don’t need as many products and services to go along with this avenue. You don’t have to embalm, buy a casket, or find a burial plot and headstone. Those things add up fast and cremation takes the need for them away and lowers the prices overall. Read more.
  • What are the benefits of direct cremation?
    • One of the largest benefits is that direct cremation is very inexpensive compared to other options. At Heritage Funeral Home our Direct Cremation price is $1,595 plus the cost of cash advance items such as death certificates and obituaries. Many families appreciate the cost benefits because they can use the money in other ways, like to donate to a charity or to organize a memorial service later. And there are also families who like having things wrapped up in a matter of days. Read more.