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Lancaster, NC Families: Cremation and Funeral Home Services in the Area

What challenges do you face when it is time to plan a funeral for someone that you love? You are already dealing with the grief, and now you need to struggle with the challenge of creating a day that will respect the memory of your family member. You don’t need to carry these burdens without support! It is important that you contact an experienced funeral home in Lancaster, NC right away.

Our team at Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services is here to assist with all types of funerals and cremations. We offer three convenient funeral homes, making it simple for you to choose a location near your home. Whether you want a cremation, Celebration of Life, or a traditional event, we can handle the details.

Contacting a funeral home means that you can tap into the many years of experience in the industry. We have been serving families in the area for more than 20 years. This hands-on experience gives us the understanding that is needed to ensure the results of the day. We oversee all of the details, giving you the perfect event to remember the person that you love.

Custom Funeral Services for Your Family Member

Do you have custom preferences about the way the funeral is planned? There’s no reason to stick with tradition if it doesn’t match the needs of your family. Instead of assuming that a cookie-cutter funeral is a right choice, we invite you to talk to our team to learn about the other services that are available.

We are happy to customize the funeral or memorial, giving you the freedom to show the love that you have for the family member. You can incorporate the person’s favorite activities or food. This event can be held at our funeral home as a formal funeral or memorial. Or, you might plan a casual gathering at an outdoor location or another venue.

The most important thing is that you plan a day that will honor your family member. You have one chance to create a memorable funeral. Friends and family members will be in attendance to offer their final wishes. Make sure it is a day that will create the positive memories that you desire.

Benefits of Cremations

Cremation is a popular choice because of the options that are available after the cremation is complete. If you choose cremation, then it only affects the way the body is laid to rest. Don’t assume that a cremation means that you can’t have a funeral or memorial.

In fact, many people find that they have more opportunities by choosing cremation instead of a traditional burial. You can proceed with a funeral and graveside service, burying the ashes in the family plot if desired. Or, you can choose to have the ashes scattered in a special destination. Another option is to place the ashes in an urn so that you can keep the person close to home.

One of the reasons you might consider cremation is because this service is usually cheaper compared to casket burials. Compare the costs and decide on the services that match your budget. It is also important that you consider the traditions and needs of your family before rushing into the decision.

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