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Funeral Home & Cremations Matthews, NC

Personalized Services: Funeral Home and Cremations in Matthews, NC

At Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services, we are dedicated to offering the best services in the area. Our team has been supporting families in the community since 1998. We’ve had 20 years to build a great reputation, and we would love to show you why our services are unique. 

We invite you to schedule a consultation so that you can learn more about the ways your funeral can be customized to match the requests of the family. Not only do we provide a wide range of services, but we are also proud to offer three locations and an on-site crematory.

Designing the Perfect Funeral

Are you looking for a traditional burial, or do you want to plan something unique? We will listen to your requests and offer recommendations that match the needs of your family. We have developed great connections in the industry, including resources for flowers, permanent memorials, cemetery burial, and more.

Browse through the services listed here on our website, and you will see that we can provide unique offerings that stand out from the traditional funerals. For example, you might choose a Celebration of Life or a memorial in conjunction with the person’s favorite activity. We want to make sure that you love the way the funeral turns out. So, we always offer the listening ear that is needed to understand your requests. 

On-Site Cremation Options

One unique aspect of the services that we offer is the on-site crematory. If you choose cremation, you can rest assured to know that your family member will be in our care every step of the way. Many funeral homes outsource the cremation services, which means that the deceased doesn’t stay under the care of the same funeral director the entire time.

Cremation is the choice regarding the way you care for the physical remains. Just because you choose cremation, doesn’t mean that you are limited in the way you can honor the life of the person you have lost. Many families choose a memorial service or funeral in conjunction with the cremation, giving friends and family the option to say goodbye. 

Funeral Home Services for Pets

The furry friends in your home are an important part of the family. So, it makes sense that you should give them a proper goodbye after they pass. How do you want to remember man’s best friend? You might choose cremation, and then keep the ashes in a small memorial at home. Or, the ashes can be scattered at the pet’s favorite park or in a memorial garden.

You have the freedom to choose the pet services that support the needs of your family. For example, some families find it important to attend the cremation so that family members can get closure with the service. Or, we can complete a private cremation if you prefer. The ashes are usually available for the family within a day.

One Chance to Plan the Right Funeral

You only have one opportunity to plan a funeral for someone that you love. So, it makes sense to choose the details that support the desires of your family and friends. This event is more than an opportunity to say goodbye. It gives everyone the chance to share memories and find healing and closure in the experience.

We understand how healing a funeral can be. So, our team always works hard to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Not only do we support your family on the day of the funeral, but we are here to assist before and after the event.

You will look back on this day for many years to come, which is why you need to choose a funeral home with a great reputation. Creating the right funeral will make you grateful that you did the best that you could to honor the life of your loved one. You can create a ceremony that will build memories, helping you hold that person in your heart forever.

If you are looking for a funeral home or cremations in Matthews, NC, then you have come to the right place. Call Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services to schedule an appointment to learn more

Come to one of our three convenient locations

  • Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services: 3700 Forest Lawn Dr., Matthews, NC 28104, Phone (704) 846-3771
  • Indian Trail Chapel: 16151 Lancaster Hwy, Charlotte, NC 28277, Phone (704) 714-1540
  • Weddington/Matthews Chapel: 4431 Old Monroe Rd., Indian Trail, NC 28079, Phone (704) 821-2960

Funeral and Cremation FAQs

  • Making Cremation Cost-Effective
  • Do You Want Cremation or Traditional Burial Services?
    • Traditional burial services are called that because they are, well, traditional. They have a timeline and order of events that is generally followed. Your family members won’t have to make very many decisions (and neither will you in advance!) because much of it is already in place.
    • Cremation is the opposite when it comes to traditional burial services because there are no rituals or ceremonies that absolutely have to be included. Cremation can be completely customized from start to finish.
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  • Cremation Service Options