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Funeral Home & Cremations Monroe, NC

Respectful Cremation and Funeral Home Services in Monroe, NC

Respect and support are essential when you are planning a funeral. It can be a challenge to face the decisions that need to be addressed. But, you don’t have to carry the responsibility without support from a trusted funeral home. At Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services, we offer all of the funeral options that you need in Monroe, NC, and the nearby areas.

Whether you want a casket burial or cremation, we are here to assist. We understand that every family has unique preferences. So, we always cater the funeral to match the requests. Not only will we listen to your desires, but we always work hard behind the scenes to eliminate problems on the day of the event.

If you need immediate funeral services or you are thinking about pre-planning options, you need to call Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services. We will schedule a consultation so that you can learn about the services that we provide. We offer three convenient locations, making it easy to plan a funeral that is close to home.

Funeral Services as Unique as the Person

What are the unique funeral details that need to be incorporated into the event? Consider the personality of your loved one and their big life accomplishments. Some families have traditions that should be added to the funeral. In other situations, families want to create new traditions with modern funeral services.

Browse through the options here on our website, and you will see that we provide a variety of funeral services. For example, you might choose a traditional funeral that includes a burial service and viewing. Or, you can skip the event altogether and plan a direct cremation if preferred. Other options include cremation with a funeral, a Celebration of Life, Veterans services, first responder memorial, and more.

We strive to offer respect and care during every step of the funeral planning process. If you have any questions or need a listening ear, then you are always welcome to contact our experienced team for more information.

On-Site Crematory

Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services is one of the few funeral homes in the area that has an on-site crematory. We’ve found that we can improve the services that are available by offering a crematory that is owned by our funeral home. Instead of hiring another company to handle the cremation, we can oversee the service through every step.

You have the option to choose the timing for the cremation. Some families want to have the cremation completed first, followed by a funeral or memorial. In other situations, people want a viewing and funeral before the cremation is done.

After the body is cremated, you have the freedom to choose the final resting place for the ashes. You might select an urn that you want to keep as a memorial in your home. Or, the ashes can be buried in a cemetery at the family burial plot. Another option is to scatter the ashes in a location that you desire.

Saying Goodbye to a Family Pet

We understand how pets can become a member of the family, so we are happy to offer cremation services for your furry family members as well. These cremations are done in our pet crematory. We offer a viewing room, which means that you can attend the cremation if you prefer.

Talk to us about pet cremations and the services that are provided. We want to help you with the loss of your beloved animal. You can choose to keep the ashes in an urn, buried in a special location, or scatter the ashes if you desire.

Is Pre-Planning Right for You?

The truth is that pre-planning should be the right solution for every family. It is inevitable that a funeral will need to be planned eventually. So, it makes sense to arrange the details right now. There is no reason why you need to wait before sharing your desires for the funeral plans.

Some people are specific about the way they want their funeral to be planned. For example, they might have requests for the burial plot or the place the funeral is held. Or, the person might feel strongly about planning a cremation and memorial instead of a casket burial. 

Even if you don’t have strong preferences about your funeral, pre-planning is helpful to reduce the burden on the family. Take care of these arrangements as soon as possible, to ensure that the funeral is ready when it is time to schedule a day for the event.

What do you need to know about planning a funeral in Monroe, NC? The best thing you can do is schedule a consultation with the leading funeral home in the area: Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services.

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